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Victory Auto, Inc.
2372 Davis Boulevard, Naples FL 34104
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Reviews of Victory Auto, Inc.
Sarah Marcy
Jul, 03 2020
Amazing service and by far the best buying experience! I highly recommend this dealership!
Apr, 06 2020
I would so like to give these guys a great review but my beautiful Audi Q7 with just 70k miles just has a bunch of issues these guys did not disclose. Here's my short list of codes they reset just before I turned up - it would seem. For reference its a local Naples car that is 9 years old... so you have to expect some stuff... but disclosure is best....

My main problem is the most expensive one that I didn't know about when I purchased the car and wasn't told about. #1

1st: The interior lighting doesn't work - ops i didn't notice this in the daytime - damn.. Now I find it not just a module - as I hoped but a short to ground somewhere in my car lighting? system - Of joy that'll be fun to find. I wonder if I really need interior lighting at night...

2nd:My TPMS doesn't work.. Well I knew this one before I purchased "As - Is" so hopefully its not too hard to fix. However I did learn today that one wheel sensor is not working (hopefully thats it) but I suspect its more because they would have replaced the $50 sensor to not have the warning go off. oh joy...

3rd: And last - hopefully last - I had a new code pop up on the way home from the dealer!! - An exhaust gas recirculation error... A simple engine light but the list is becoming something... Apparently it'll need to be smoked out. About $150 to diagnose by Pepboys - Hate to think what Audi would want for it?!! So advise for anyone reading this - Take your would be new car back to the factory dealer and get it scanned and find out whats wrong... However they wiped mine hoping nothing would come up until after I signed on the bottom line... so buyer beware..
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2313 Davis Boulevard, Naples FL 34104
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2424 Davis Boulevard, Naples FL 34104
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2379 Davis Boulevard, Naples FL 34104
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